Industrial Specialties Mfg. & IS Med Specialties (ISM), manufactures and distributes pneumatic, fluidic and medical flow control components all over the world. Our product lines serve OEM customers and distributors in many markets, with focus on these distinct markets:

ISM offers quality component products to the automotive (OEM) industry. Available in automotive grade materials, these parts are suitable for many types of environments and are used widely in fuel, air and windshield applications.

Commercial / Industrial
ISM offers a broad selection of flow control components suitable for a wide array of low-pressure vacuum, gas, and fluidic applications. Our components provide OEM design engineers as well as maintenance and service providers with original and replacement fittings.

Food and Beverage
ISM offers a broad selection of miniature vacuum, air and fluid flow control components suitable for food and beverage industry applications ranging from manufacturing to packaging and processing. 

Laboratory / R&D
ISM offers an array of quality laboratory components and fittings. Our products are used in a wide variety of environments including engineering prototyping, pharmaceuticals, biomedical and basic laboratory R&D.

IS Med Specialties (ISM) supplies medical flow control parts, registered under the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015 standards. We focus specifically on the medical OEM marketplace and carry a range of quality medical grade component products for medical applications in a variety flow control settings.

Small Engine
ISM offers an extensive selection of air and fuel flow control components to the small engine (OEM) marketplace. These products are available in automotive grade materials and are suitable for many types of environments including outdoor power equipment, power sports, marine and other small engine applications.

ISM offers thousands of pneumatic and fluidic flow control components to the technology industry. Our fittings and connectors are specified by many technology leaders in the businesses of ink jet printing, semi-conductors, automation and other related technologies.